Our Position on the Lake Bluff Golf Club

The Friends of the Lake Bluff Parks (“the Friends”) is working with the commissioners and staff of the Lake Bluff Park District to assist the Lake Bluff Community Golf Association (“LBCGA”) in raising funds for the Lake Bluff Golf Club.

The Friends has no position on the Park District’s current or continued operation of the Lake Bluff Golf Club.  Rather, our role is limited to serving as the non-profit recipient of donated funds solicited by the LBCGA.  We will pass these funds on to the Park District and designate them to support the golf club.

The Friends is incorporated in Illinois and is recognized by the U. S. Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS code.

We commend the LBCGA for its efforts in fund-raising, and for referencing the Friends’ website for donations.  Please note that the opinions expressed by the LBCGA in materials, social media, and other venues are expressly those of the LBCGA and its members and are not the opinions of the Friends of Lake Bluff Parks.